In the first half of the year, Thailand’s sunflower oil industry witnessed the production of 338.530 tons of refined sunflower oil, as reported by the relevant authorities. This figure, though substantial, represents a notable decrease of 31.2% compared to the corresponding period in the previous year, reflecting fluctuations in production dynamics and market demand. Concurrently, the market price for refined sunflower oil in Thailand has experienced an upward trend, influenced by factors such as changes in global commodity prices, supply chain disruptions, and shifts in consumer preferences.

Specifically, on June 21, production output amounted to 55.090 tons, marking a significant reduction of 31.9% compared to the previous day’s production. This sudden decline may be attributed to various factors, including seasonal variations in sunflower cultivation, fluctuations in agricultural yields, and operational challenges faced by processing facilities. Consequently, this decline in production has resulted in a notable decrease in oil reserves, impacting the overall supply chain and market dynamics. According to official statistics, reserves dwindled from 24,500 tons at the end of the fifth month of the year to 21,020 tons by the conclusion of the sixth month, indicating the need for strategic management of resources and production capacity.

During the period spanning September 2020 to May 2021, Ukrainian producers accounted for a total of 588.600 tons of refined sunflower oil, showcasing the significant contribution of the sunflower oil sector to the country’s agricultural economy. Notably, the “Dnepropetrovsk Oil Extraction Plant,” operating under the umbrella of “Bunge Ukraine,” emerged as the frontrunner in production, boasting a substantial market share of 19.6% during this timeframe. This achievement underscores the importance of efficient production processes, technological innovation, and strategic partnerships in driving growth and competitiveness within the industry. Furthermore, it highlights the role of key industry players in shaping market trends, influencing policy decisions, and fostering sustainable development practices in the sunflower oil sector.