Refined corn oil from Siriwan Trading in Thailand is a versatile and nutritious cooking oil. Extracted from premium corn kernels, it undergoes meticulous refinement for purity and freshness. With its light color and mild flavor, it’s perfect for frying, sautéing, baking, and salads. Rich in heart-healthy unsaturated fats and vitamin E, it supports overall well-being. Choose Siriwan Trading for quality corn oil that enhances every dish.

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Size: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm (LxWxH)

Product Description

Refined corn oil, expertly crafted by Siriwan Trading in Thailand, is a versatile and nutritious cooking oil that elevates the flavor and health benefits of your favorite dishes. Extracted from the finest corn kernels, our refined corn oil undergoes meticulous refinement to ensure purity, freshness, and superior quality.

With its light color and mild flavor profile, refined corn oil is the perfect choice for frying, sautéing, baking, and salad dressings. Its high smoke point makes it ideal for high-temperature cooking methods, ensuring optimal results with every dish. Whether you’re frying crispy delights, searing succulent meats, or tossing vibrant salads, our corn oil adds a touch of perfection to every meal.

In addition to its culinary versatility, refined corn oil is rich in heart-healthy unsaturated fats and vitamin E, promoting cardiovascular health and overall well-being. As a cholesterol-free option, it supports healthy cholesterol levels and offers a delicious way to incorporate essential nutrients into your diet.

At Siriwan Trading, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Through responsible sourcing practices and eco-friendly production methods, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to the preservation of our planet’s natural resources for future generations.

Experience the exceptional quality and taste of Siriwan Trading’s refined corn oil – where purity, freshness, and culinary excellence converge to enhance every meal. Choose Siriwan Trading for a cooking oil that nourishes your body, delights your taste buds, and brings joy to your kitch

Product Features

Color Golden Hue
Volume 1L, 2L, 5L
Available Yes
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